Meet The Leadership Team

Gamma Pi Executive Board


Jonathan Heidegger

Vice President

Ethan Brooks

Vice President of Membership

Jordan Domasky


Ashley Kikos


Maxwell Smith


Jack Filpi

Alumni Secretary

Kayla Denklau

Meet the Value Chairs Team

Gamma Pi Chair Positions

Service Chairs

Jacob Descoteau & Matthew Heath

Works with the operations office and band staff to maintain band department equipment ● Maintains chapter property ● Plans all chapter service projects for the band department and for chapter

Community Chairs

Ashley Brazeau & Jackson Moss

Organizes events and activities for active chapter ● Plans joint activities with Tau Beta Sigma ● Organizes activities with other chapters ● Plans all chapter social functions

Music Chairs

Catie Gilhooly & Annabelle Johnson

Responsible for promoting musicianship throughout chapter ● Responsible for the maintenance of music share project

Traditions Chair

Gianna Marzen

Maintains ritual equipment and keeps detailed inventory ● Sands and paints the senior boards for any graduating seniors ● Organizes the bandinage

Growth Chair

Nathan Greenland & Josh McAtee

Plans all chapter recruitment functions and pre-selections activities ● Organizes Big Brother selection and program ● Develops membership activities for active members ● Assists VPM with Membership Education Activities as needed

Fundraising Chairs

Swoosh & Geoffrey Ladue

Plans and advises chapter on all fundraising events ● Organizes the selling of all merchandise and fundraising items ● Investigates new merchandise, fundraising projects and other ideas as needed ● Offers new ideas and events for consideration

Publicity Chairs

Emily Horst & Eric Hacker

Responsible for communicating with the public and university with what is going on in our fraternity and department ● Responsible for advertising recruitment materials

Technology Chair

Luke Wagner

Responsible for all things computer related with respect to the chapter, including chapter website and additional computerized record keeping for the chapter